Information Modelling Framework (IMF)

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This is the main site for the Information Modelling Framework (IMF).

IMF is specified by the IMF Manual and specifications published at

IMF Manual

Note on versioning

The Information Modelling Framework (IMF) is and has been in development since the early 2020’s. During this time the IMF Manual, of which this document is a version of, has been released in incremental versions. These versions have followed a loose versioning scheme.

From release 0.3.0 and onwards, we wish to follow the semantic versioning scheme ( and indicate that IMF is in rapid development by using semantic versioning’s major version 0, e.g., 0.y.z. This and all previous versions should therefore be considered as minor version of major version 0. Hence, older versions that do not have major version 0, should be prefixed with major version 0, e.g., the IMF Manual released 2023-07-05 has the semantic version 0.2.1. We anticipate that version 1.0.0 will be released in the fall of 2024.

Other IMF resources
Namespace site for IMF, and the site for which executable referable resources are made available.
Development site for various IMF resources

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